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The SWAP Lofts are run by an Austin couple that love people, business, and travel.   In fact, Sean & Lindsey just got done with a 3 month, 18 Country Tour of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe with their now One-Year-Old Son, Baby J! 


The Visionary

Lindsey is a round-the-world traveling entrepreneur, inner peace activist, yoga addict and self-proclaimed “Spiritual Gangster.” In addition to founding The SWAP Loft, she is the owner of American Dance Training Camps & she is a certified dance & yoga teacher.  She loves meeting new people and learning from people of all different backgrounds.


Chief Experience Officer

Sean is about as close as you will come to finding a life long Austinite these days.  Chances are Sean will be your main contact during your stay at The SWAP Lofts.  He can provide recommendations for anything you would like to do in Austin and will do whatever he can to make your stay incredible! In addition to SWAP, Sean likes to work on his other businesses, play golf, do yoga, and attend sporting events with Texas Tech and the Denver Broncos being his favorites.