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Why The SWAP Lofts Exist

Hint: Lindsey’s Travel Experiences

Lindsey has been fortunate enough to travel to OVER 40 Countries(I know, amazing!) and one thing was clear………it’s much more fun to explore a new place with someone else than by yourself.

The typical experience of a solo traveller involves hanging out in a lonely hotel room, ordering take out, and possibly watching a movie.  As solo travelers, we want to go to cool events, try great restaurants, and see the best the city has to offer but sometimes it’s hard to motivate to go out alone.

The SWAP Loft’s shared community provides for several solo travelers(up to 35 across 3 properties) to meet each other and explore the city together.  This allows you to feel more comfortable going to that show, restaurant, or event…….not only do you have a richer travel experience but you likely leave town with some new friends!  

SWAP also provides several recommendations for you and your new friends to explore Austin as well as recommendations for local Meetup Groups so you can join up with great people in the local community that are doing interesting things!

We can’t wait to host you to show you everything else that we offer!

Sean & Lindsey


The Visionary

Lindsey is a round-the-world traveling entrepreneur, inner peace activist, yoga addict and self-proclaimed “Spiritual Gangster.” In addition to founding The SWAP Loft, she is the owner of American Dance Training Camps & she is a certified dance & yoga teacher.  She loves meeting new people and learning from people of all different backgrounds.


Chief Experience Officer

Sean is about as close as you will come to finding a life long Austinite these days.  Chances are Sean will be your main contact during your stay at The SWAP Lofts.  He can provide recommendations for anything you would like to do in Austin and will do whatever he can to make your stay incredible! In addition to SWAP, Sean likes to work on his other businesses, play golf, do yoga, and attend sporting events with Texas Tech and the Denver Broncos being his favorites.