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Untold Travel Stories
You go on a trip – you come back with life changing experiences – you are excited to share your stories with all of your friends and family but something happens and 2 minutes later conversation quickly turns back to everyday life…..your life changing experiences never get shared…. 

We Want to Hear YOUR Untold Travel Stories

We are a couple from Austin, Texas USA that have hosted over 4,000 solo travelers at our SWAP Lofts (CoLiving Community) – we’ve also traveled to dozens of countries including over 25 with our 2 year old Son.  

We started “Untold Travel Stories” because we’ve had plenty of amazing experiences that have gone unshared because other people didn’t relate and conversations shifted.  

We want to build a community  and provide a place for YOUR amazing stories to be shared!

Sean, Lindsey, and Baby J

Tell Your Stories How You Want

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Write out your story and we will share it in standard blog post format (Include pictures and video if you choose)


Make an iMovie of your story OR simply film yourself telling the story - we can included photos etc. next to your video.


Simply tell your story on an audio file and send it to us. Include photos and we will include them below your story.

Share Your Story with Us - and we will share it with other travelers who will "get It"

Fill out the form or simply email and we will send you instructions. 

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