Travel or Family...we want to show that you can have both!

While Lindsey was pregnant we were constantly told “there go your travelling days” – we both work remotely so we wanted to disprove that notion – Over 25 Countries for Baby J in his first 2 year of life and we know traveling with a child is doable, safe, and an incredible way to create lifelong memories.
Hotspots Background

Baby J - Always eager to bring a smile to anyone that we meet

Sean runs our SWAP Loft business and manages the other properties we CoHost on Airbnb.  

Lindsey is the founder of American Dance Training Camps and has spent the last 18 years making sure the young girls (8 - 17 years old) have an incredible time, grow as dancers and people, and make new friends while at her camps each Summer!

Who we are

We are a couple from Austin, Texas USA that have hosted over 4,000 solo travelers at our SWAP Lofts (CoLiving & CoWorking Community) – we also love to travel!

We both can work remotely and when Baby J came along, we decided we wanted to attempt traveling with him….it wasn’t always easy and there are plenty of hard days but the amazing experiences we’ve had have been well worth it!

Who we aren't

We are not experts on the countries we visit and we are not parenting experts.  We know this lifestyle won’t be appealing to some, may be frowned upon by others, but it has been amazing for our family and we hope it will inspire others to know that travel and family can both coexist!

Sean, Lindsey, and Baby J

Where Baby J Has Been

Where Baby J has been